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Top Hosting Choices For Website Designers

Web designers will typically deal with dozens, hundreds or even many more clients throughout their careers, and many of those clients will be looking for a website expert to help them with every aspect of creating website. Web hosting is an element of this that many people overlook or simply know nothing about, so it can be a point of contention when it comes to web design work.

In any case, it’s pretty much essential for a web designer to be knowledgeable about web hosting for this exact reason. If you are a designer, you may also offer or resell web hosting services, but even if you don’t, you may need to have somewhere to refer your clients to. You will also need a good understanding of what their hosting requirements will be, and this has to be factored into your design from the beginning.

There are actually many free hosting services on the market offering fantastic value, and in some cases this may be enough for a web design client of yours. They should be more than grateful if you’re able to recommend a great free hosting provider, so it’s worth looking into this.

Of course, free services will tend to have fairly low limits on what you can do with your hosting account. Paying on a monthly or annual basis raises the limit on many important factors. The actual requirements of any client will vary greatly, depending on their website as well as external factors such as how much traffic they get, whether they sell products through the site and much more. However, as a guide, most web designers agree the following ranges are normal for cheap hosting packages.

  • Between 50GB to 300GB web storage
  • At least 500GB per month data transfer
  • Around 25 to 100 MySQL databases
  • Around 25-150 FTP accounts

At least 500 email accounts

Additional subdomains

It shouldn’t be difficult to find good value packages that offer these kind of benefits at the lower end of the market, and most providers will also offer good value upgrades for businesses and professionals who need additional features, security benefits and so on. It’s normally a good idea to start by looking at free hosting and working your way up until you find an option that meets your client’s needs.

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