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Best Choices For Cheap Web Hosting In The UK

Selecting a suitable website hosting company isn’t the easiest task if you’re not an expert. There are so many different providers with their own offers and similar services that the jargon can get confusing very quickly. So how do you know how to choose the right one?

It comes down to a basic process: establishing what your requirements are and weighing up the benefits and costs involved with each provider offering those features. Since the industry is highly competitive, pricing is crucial and value for money should be your priority when making a selection.

Some plans will give you a lot more features such as bandwidth, storage, email accounts, multiple domain support, technical support, control panel access, website building tools, security features, spam blockers… the list goes on and on! However, there are many companies out there who deliberately exaggerate the value of the additional features they offer in order to bump up costs. A good recommendation can go a long way towards helping you make an informed choice, so here are five cheap UK web hosting providers to consider that actually offer good value for money:

1. 123-reg

123-reg was originally a domain registrar, but has since diversified to offer fully comprehensive services catering to all your website hosting needs. With packages starting from less than £3 per month, it has positioned itself as a market leader in the budget hosting category. It offers the added benefit of being subject to UK law since none of its data centres are abroad.

2. Heart Internet

Heart Internet is another leading player in the UK web hosting market, offering large packages with plenty of extra features for very low monthly prices. They are known for their UK-based customer service which is aimed at solving issues quickly, as well as their mobile-friendly control panel app which still isn’t available from many providers.

3. Easyspace

Since launching in the late 1990s, Easyspace has grown to become another one of the main UK providers of cheap web hosting services. Their packages guarantee 100% uptime and come with special discounts if you buy for more than one year at a time, plus all servers are equipped with unlimited bandwidth allowance.

4. FVS Hosting

FVS Hosting, formerly known as Free Virtual Servers, has been around for over a decade and offers some of the best value hosting services in the UK. Free web hosting is a major element of this, as well as cPanel access and 24/7 UK-based customer support. FVS Hosting also offers affordable dedicated servers and other services for more unusual requirements.

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is probably the most well known web hosting provider in the world thanks to some huge advertising campaigns over the years. The US-based company is also popular in the UK, with millions of domain names being registered with them, although it doesn’t offer the best value for money on this list. GoDaddy costs a bit more in comparison since you’re paying for the brand name, but their size also gives them the ability to offer unique services such as topping up your own hosting capacity whenever you need a little extra.

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