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Corona Virus – 5 Things You Can Do For Your Business Right Now

Website design business owners are feeling the effects of the Coronavirus., A website designer in Leicester, has some suggestions that can help you stay afloat during the pandemic.

1. Business owners will need to assure customers that their services are available for consultations online or by phone. In the midst of a crisis, an owner needs to respond to requests from customers and handle them as promptly as possible. 

2. If your company customarily offers annual plans consider pay-monthly options that make it easier for customers who are feeling the pinch financially. Designers like us for example offer pay-monthly website design options that include domain registration, hosting, and updates.

3. A business owner may increase sales by offering a special promotion for a customer interested in updating their business site and giving it a fresh, new appearance. An advertisement such as a free month of service or a discount for referring friends is an excellent incentive to add to your customer base.

4. Reassure employees that they’ll still have a spot in the company when business returns to normal. The priority of any small business should be the well-being of the people who keep it operational. Take advantage of the government incentives, including the Coronavirus Loan Scheme for businesses that offer loans through the British Business Bank. The government also has a relief package that provides sick pay for small and medium companies.

5. Focus on the future of your business. Offering loyal customers special offers, and other incentives will prove that you’re putting your customers first. They’ll remember how they were treated by your company during this time and be appreciative of your efforts and the integrity of your business operation.

The pandemic has affected millions of businesses and has changed the way everybody does their business. Now is the time to start supporting local businesses to help make it through the tough times ahead. “We are in this together.” 

It is essential that businesses take their company online in order to get through this tough time. We offer affordable pay monthly website options in where we build the site for you. 

From as little as £29.99 per month, you will receive SEO, domain registration, business-class web hosting and your very own digital marketing dashboard to excel your marketing efforts and stand out from your competition.Visit today!