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How To Save Money On Your Website Design Projects

Let’s face it, web design projects can get quite costly. There is a lot of initial work as well as the ongoing maintenance costs, and generally much more to consider than the up-front price you may have been quoted by a designer. Fortunately taking a few simple steps at the beginning of your planning process can cut down on unexpected costs and complications.

1. Find an experienced professional

Saving money should definitely not come down to who’s offering the job for the cheapest price. Sub-standard work will cost more in the future, so compare the experience level of each designer when you have a few different quotes to think about, not just the bottom line. “Designers with less understanding take longer to complete tasks and may bloat your website with over-complicated code, so you’re actually paying more in the long run in many cases,” says Daniel Carr, web designer for Luminous Design in Colchester.

2. Do your research carefully

Without having to fully get your head round the technical work your developer does for you, there are a few things to bear in mind which will help you understand their methods. For example, what kind of coding do they specialise in and is this appropriate for your site? Do they leave comments in the code so you or another developer can understand how things work? It’s always important to see examples of similar projects they have done before, which will help you imagine how your finished site will look and check the capabilities of your designer. (more…)