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Web Design: From the 90s to Today

This year marks the 25th anniversary since the first website ever was published online, something we can now look back on with a fuller appreciation of what it meant for our future. That first website, despite consisting entirely on text with no images, interactivity or other media content, meant the beginning of a whole new field of design. Let’s have a look back at the journey web design has taken since the early 90s right up until today.

Originally, constraints on web design were placed by the speed of the Internet we had access to. With the first dial-up modems, data transfer was so minimal that any attempt at an interesting layout or design scheme was nearly impossible. Sites had to be comprised of just text, links and a few tags that were supported by the earliest forms of HTML.

By around 1995, opportunities to make websites more structured and unique began to evolve. It became possible to organise content in tables, and graphics in highly compressed formats could be implemented. As soon as animated GIFs became possible additions, they exploded in popularity with most websites featuring rudimentary animations. This is particularly interesting when you look at social media today; GIFs have come full circle! (more…)