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How To Stop Users Making Stupid Mistakes

Something not everybody thinks about when designing a website is how to avoid user errors. If someone makes a mistake navigating or understanding the function of the website, is it their own fault, or the designer’s?

The answer is it doesn’t matter. The web designer needs to solve the problem, or the website is going to lose business due to people getting frustrated and giving up. Solving the issue at the top level and making everything work for the benefit of the user is going to result in your site getting a more favourable reaction from people, and make it easier for them to spend money with you. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate these fixes from the beginning.

  1. Use familiar design patterns
    Make use of frameworks that are already in use around the Internet, because people are already naturally comfortable around things that feel familiar. If someone can navigate round your site intuitively because you’ve taken an existing layout and improved it rather than inventing something unique for the sake of it, errors are likely to be minimised. A consistent horizontal menu bar providing access to all areas of the site is a great example of how to make users feel at home.